Peak Power Coaching works with cyclists of all levels who are riding with a Powermeter or are thinking of getting one. No matter what your fitness level is, we can create a specific training program tailored to your cycling goals.

As long as you do your part and follow the training program for the most part, I can guarantee you will improve. We can even show you exactly how much you have improved through testing and accurate measurements, something that can’t be done with conventional training methods.

Peak Power Coaching no longer offers a Competitive and a Pro package, now EVERY ATHLETE GETS THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF SERVICE.

You and the coach will develop a relationship that will evolve throughout the season. This relationship will only happen through open communication and honesty. We need both of these qualities in order for us to create an appropriate training plan to help you reach your full potential. The longer you stay with the coach, the more this relationship grows.

Here is how it works.

The initial set up:
  • Initial consultation meeting
  • Short term goal setting for the season and long term goal setting for the next few years
  • Set up of Premium Training Peaks account with training file upload function
  • Conduct initial heart rate and power testing
  • Set up of initial heart rate and power training zones
The training plan:
  • Design a periodized training program using your goals, testing and personal commitment
  • Analyze power files to track your progress
  • Adjust/modify your training program weekly based on your performance testing, changes in personal schedules, etc
  • Analyze specific power testing data as required to reset your training zones
  • Create a personalized taper plan for each A race, based on your TSS, fatigue and performance levels
  • Provide ongoing feedback on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with your weekly reviews
  • Pre race plan
  • Post race discussion and analysis of race file
  • Compare your race file to previous training and/or racing files to look for improvements and weaknesses
  • Provide feedback regarding your overall performance


Download a sample athlete analysis for a BASIC overview of what I can do with your training files

Client Sample – PPC

Peak Power coaching Logo 4If you are looking for personalized online coaching or one on one coaching AND you have a Power meter or are willing to buy one, Peak Power Coaching can help you this season. Click here to see our packages and pricing, or send Facundo an email with any questions you might have about the services we provide.

If you are looking for one on one or group coaching but do not have a Power meter (nor want one), Kits Energy is the place to go. They offer a 5 month cycling clinic for riders of all levels from beginner to advanced. They also offer online coaching & personal training year round.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 2.36.25 PMIf you are looking for a Power meter or any other bike related equipment, stop by Speed Theory Vancouver on West 4th Avenue and Trafalgar. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any of your questions about power meter options, prices and reliability.